Deutz Fahr Agrokid 210 - Agrokid 220 - Agrokid 230 Workshop Manual

Deutz Fahr Agrokid 210 -  Agrokid 220 - Agrokid 230 Workshop Manual
Deutz Fahr Agrokid 210 -  Agrokid 220 - Agrokid 230 Workshop Manual Deutz Fahr Agrokid 210 -  Agrokid 220 - Agrokid 230 Workshop Manual
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Workshop Manual

Deutz Fahr Agrokid 210  -> 20001
Deutz Fahr Agrokid 220  -> ZKDS2102V0MD20001
Deutz Fahr Agrokid 220  -> ZKDS2902V0MD20001
Deutz Fahr Agrokid 230  -> ZKDS2202V0MD20001
Deutz Fahr Agrokid 220  -> ZKDS3002V0MD20001

488 pages

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Safety notes
General safety rules
Safety precautions for removal and refitting operations
Lifting instructions
Tightening torques
Threadlockers, adhesives, sealants and lubricants
Conversion factors

Technical characteristics
Rear PTO and Mid PTO
Rear axle
Brakes and rear axle assembly
Front axle
Front axle
Hydraulic system
Gear pump
Differential lock control assembly
Steering circuit
Power steering valve
Remote control valve

Calibrations and electronic diagnosis
Diagnostic tool screens
Baruffaldi electromagnetic clutch
Operator seated sensor ECU (p/n 2.8519.106.0)

Method of intervention

Preparation for disassembly
Engine - Separation from the transmission
Compression test
engine block, crankshaft, pistons and sump
Inspection of the engine monobloc
Inspection of the crankshaft
Fan - alternator drivebelt
A/C fan - compressor drivebelt
Crankshaft pulley
Flywheel bearing
Timing gears and flywheel
Inspection of the flywheel and ring gear
Inspection of the pistons, piston rings and gudgeon pins
Inspection of the connecting rods
Inspection of the camshaft
Inspection of the camshaft
Inspection of the idler gear
Inspection of the valves, valve guides and valve seats
Valve clearances
Inspection of the rocker arms and rocker shaft
Cylinder head and valve train components
Inspection of the cylinder head
Inspection of the valve springs
Inspection of the valve pushrods
Renewal of the jets
Lubrication System
Inspection of the lubrication system
Fuel System
Inspection and adjustment of the fuel system
Inspection of the fuel lift pump
Injection pump
Inspection of the fuel injection pump camshaft
Inspection of the fuel injection pump camshaft
Fuel injection nozzle
Maintenance of the injector nozzles
Cooling system
Inspection of the cooling system
Engine air intake pipe
Intake and exhaust systems
Inspection of the air intake and exhaust system

Engine accessories
Engine cooling system radiator
Expansion tank
Air cleaner assembly
Fuel filter
Fuel tank - Fuel tank float switch
Auxiliary fuel tank
Engine stop keyswitch
Exhaust pipe - tractor with cab
Engine stop keyswitch
Starter motor
Starter motor
Disassembly of the starter motor

Clutch plate
Checking clutch plate wear
Clutch release bearing
Clutch release forks
Clutch housing
Disassembly of the gearbox input shaft
Disassembly of the main shaft
Disassembly of the secondary shaft
Gearbox and shuttle assembly - complete unit
Gearbox and shuttle assembly - complete unit
Range gearbox and differential assembly - complete unit
Gearbox input shaft - oil seal renewal
Bevel gear pair
Disassembly of 4WD output shaft and groundspeed PTO
Creeper - synchronizer renewal
PTO output shaft.
Disassembly of the PTO output shaft.
Removal of the PTO output shaft
Parking brake
Adjustment of the bevel gear pair

Rear axle
Left-hand rear axle
Disassembly of LH/RH rear axle
Rear differential
Disassembly of the rear differential
Rear axle brake discs

Front axle
Front support
Front axle - complete assembly
Steering cylinders
Steering cylinders disassembly
Steering knuckle housing and axle shaft
Disassembly of the bevel gear pair
Propeller shaft - Front axle drive shaft
Planetary reduction gear
Disassembly of the planetary reduction gear

Bodywork - Cab - Platform
Hood and side panels
Cab access steps
Adjustable front fenders
Cab door lock - tie-rod
Instrument panel
Left-hand rear cab pillar - screenwash reservoir
Right-hand console
Left-hand console
Instrument panel
Centre console
RH rear cab pillar trim
A/C system air intake filters
Cab roof
Air conditioning system - Standard roof version
Air conditioning compressor
Evaporator assembly
Air conditioner fan
Bistable pressure switch for compressor clutch engagement/disengagement
Steering wheel
Adjustment of the lift control valve levers
Remote valve control levers

Hydraulic system
Pump for hydraulic lift and auxiliary services and power steering system
Transmission oil filter assembly
Power steering valve - Complete assembly
Power steering disassembly
Pressure relief valve - lift control valve
Lift locking shut-off valve
Remote control valve
Remote control valve
Control rods
Double/single acting conversion valve

Electrical system
Fuse and relay assembly
Electrostatic unit
Parking brake switch
Adjustment of the parking brake switch
Brake lights switches
Adjustment of the brake light switches
Steering column switch
Control buttons - RH console

Front PTO
Pump - clutch assembly - brake
PTO output shaft
Solenoid valve

Front lift
Front lift - version with front PTO -

Rear lift
Rear lift - complete assembly
Rear lift - complete assembly
Adjustment of the rear lift
Lift cylinders
Lift cylinders
Renewal of the rear lift bush
Lift arms
Hydraulic lift control valve
Disassembly of the lift control valve
Three-point linkage with mechanical adjustment
Front wheels
Rear wheels
Ballast - towing hitches
Support and towing hitch

Wiring diagrams
Structure of the unit
Wiring and components index
Basic electronics for mechanics (1/2)
Basic electronics for mechanics (2/2)
Electrical and electronic components (1/2)
Electrical and electronic components (2/2)


Earthing points
Control unit - Fan
Steering column lights switch
Instrument panel
Aereo cab
Front axle differential lock

Wiring harnesses
Wiring harnesses
Positions of front wiring connectors
Front PTO wiring - 0.014.2645.4
Positions of front PTO wiring connectors.
Front lights wiring - 0.014.7599.4
Positions of front light wiring connectors
Compressor wiring - 0.014.7601.4
Positions of compressor wiring connectors
Front wiring with cab
Positions of front wiring connectors with cab
Central wiring - 0.012.6949.4
Positions of central wiring connectors
Solenoid valve wiring - 0.014.1482.4
Positions of solenoid valve wiring connectors
Rear wiring - 0.013.1452.4/10
Positions of rear wiring connectors
Remote valve wiring - 0.012.6955.4
Rear lights wiring - 0.014.7602.4
Positions of rear light wiring connectors
Aereo cab wiring - 0.014.7593.4
Positions of aereo-cab wiring connectors
Cab power supply - 0.014.7594.4
Positions of cab power supply wiring connectors
Air conditioning system - 0.014.7596.4
Position of air conditioner wiring connectors
Cab earth wiring - 0.015.0031.4
Positions of cab earth wiring connectors
Worklights-number plate light- flashing light - 0.014.7595.4
Positions of worklight, number plate and flashing light wiring connectors
Flashing light wiring - 0.014.7591.4
Positions of flashing light wiring connectors
Windscreen wipers - 0.014.7598.4
Positions of windscreen wiper wiring connectors
Radio wiring - 0.014.7600.4
Positions of radio-loudspeaker wiring connectors