Same Laser 110 - Laser 130 - Laser 150 Operators Manual

Same Laser 110 - Laser 130 - Laser 150 Operators Manual
Same Laser 110 - Laser 130 - Laser 150 Operators Manual Same Laser 110 - Laser 130 - Laser 150 Operators Manual
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Operators and Maintenance Manual

Same Laser 110
Same Laser 130
Same Laser 150

268 pages
Language: English

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Introduction to Safety
A Word to the Operator
Danger , Warning , Caution
Follow a Safety Programme
General Safety Rules
Protective Structures
Damage to the ROPS
Prepare for Safe Operation
Servicing the Tractor
General Operating Hazards
Safety and Operational Decals
International Symbols
Metric Conversion

Replacement Parts
Tractor Serial Number
Engine Serial Number
Tractor Identification Plate
Original Replacement Parts

Checking the Tractor Prior to Starting Work
Acces to the driving position
Steering Wheel Adjustment
Lights' Switch
Windshield Wiper Control Lever ( 4 positions )
Adjusting the Driver's Seat
Passenger Seat ( optional )
Instrument Panel
Ignition Switch
Engine - First 100 work hours
Starting the Engine
Starting the Engine by Towing
Cold Starting
Emergency Starting through Auxiliary Battery
Engine Shut Down
Control Pedals
Controls on the Right of the Driver
Gearbox Controls
Front and Rear Differential Locks
Front and Rear Brakes
Power Take-off
Rear Power Take-off
Load Sensing - Mechanical Lift
Auxiliary Hydraulic Services Control Valve
Class "A" Drawbar
Towing Hitch
Class "C" Towing Hitch
Class "C" Towing Hitch with automatic Height Adjustment
Cramer Towing Hitch
Three-Point Linkage
Active Carbon Air Filter

Track Adjustment
Tyre Inflation Pressures
Row Crop Tires
Running Direction of Tires
Adjusting Steering Stops
Adjustable Track Wheels
Permissible Tyre Combinations
Track Width Adjustment for Wheels with Adjustable Rims
Track Width Adjustment for Wheels with Fixed Rims
Bar Axle Track Width Adjustment with Sliding Hubs ( optional )
Hydraulic Trailer Braking

Maintenance Operations
Lubricants and Fluids
Maintenance Intervals
Maintenance and Inspection Schedule
Fuel Storage
Engine Maintenance
Air Filter
Cleaning the Air Filter
Engine Cooling System
Adjusting Belt Tension
Clutch Maintenance
Maintenance of the Gearbox , Differential and Rear Reduction Units
Maintenance of the Hydrostatic Power Steering
Front Axle 2WD
Maintenance of the Front Driving Axle
Checking Operation of the Differential Lock Controls
Maintenance of the Front and Rear Brakes
Maintenance of the 3-point linkage
Maintenance of the P.T.O.
Windscreen Washer
Windscreen and Rear Screen Wipers
Maintenance of the Climate Control System
Maintenance of the Air Conditioning System
General Cleaning of the Tractor

Electrical System
Fuse Box
Headlight Alignment

Storage Of The Tractor
Operations Prior to Garaging the Tractor for a Long Period
Preparing the Tractor for Use after a Long Period of Storage

Technical Specifications
Rear PTO
Rear Hydraulic Lift
Cab and Electrical System
Dimensions and Weights
Unladen Weight of Tractor
Maximum Permissible Loads
Maximum Trailerable Loads
Ballast Weights
Speed Tables
Attachment of Implements to the Tractor

Fault Diagnosis
Rear Power Take-off
Front Driving Axle
Hydraulic Lift
Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems


Important Additional Information
Combination of Tractor and Mounted Implement