John Deere 3030 - 3130 Workshop Manual

John Deere 3030 - 3130 Workshop Manual
John Deere 3030 - 3130 Workshop Manual John Deere 3030 - 3130 Workshop Manual
Brand: John Deere
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Workshop Manual

John Deere 3030
John Deere 3130

458 pages
Language: English

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Pre-delivery , delivery and after-sales inspections
Lubrication and periodic service
Engine and Tractor tune-up
Tractor Separation

General information , diagnosing malfunctions
Cylinder head and camshaft
Cylinder black , liners , pistons and connecting rods
Crankshaft , main bearings and flywheel
Timing gear train
Oil pump , oil pressure regulating valve and oil filter
Engine cooling sytem
Speed control linkage

Fuel System
Diagnosing malfunctions
Fuel tank , water trap , transfer pump and fuel filter
Roto Diesel fuel injection pump
Fuel injection nozzles
Cold weather starting aids
Air intake system

Electrical System
Diagnosing malfunctions
"Bilux" lighting system (on earlier tractor models)
"Bilux" lighting system (on later tractor models)
"Bilux" lighting system (tractors with operator's cab)
Sealed-beam lighting system (on earlier tractor models)
Sealed-beam lighting system 
(on later tractor models)
Starting motor
Alternator and regulator

Power Train
Engine clutch and clutch linkage
Hi-Low shift unit
Collar-shift transmission
Final drives
PTO and PTO clutch

Front Axle, Steering Sytem and Brakes
Front axle
Steering system
Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic System
General information, diagnosing malfunctions and pressure tests
Oil reservoir , filter , valves and oil cooler
Hydraulic pump and transmission oil pump
Selective control valve ( spool type )
Selective control valve ( poppet valve type ) and breakaway coupler
Remote cylinder

Belt pulley
De Luxe seat
Front and rear wheels
Roll guard
Operator's cab ventilation and heating
Operator's cab