Fendt Favorit 711 - 712 - 714 - 716 Vario 700-Series Operators Manual

Fendt Favorit 711 - 712 - 714 - 716 Vario 700-Series Operators Manual
Fendt Favorit 711 - 712 - 714 - 716 Vario 700-Series Operators Manual Fendt Favorit 711 - 712 - 714 - 716 Vario 700-Series Operators Manual
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Operator's and Maintenance Manual 

Fendt Favorit 700 - Series 

Fendt Favorit 711 Vario
Fendt Favorit 712 Vario
Fendt Favorit 714 Vario
Fendt Favorit 716 Vario

227 pages
Language: English
Edition: 12.01

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Driver' and passenger's seat
Driver's seat
Super comfort seat
Passenger seat

Display instruments and operating controls
Controls at the front
Preheater starter switch
Combination switch
Adjusting Steering wheel position
Quick direction change
Indication of fluid levels
Operating status display
Multiple display
Operating controls, console right
Multi-function armrest
Control console, right side
Vario terminal
Cab roof, front
Cab roof, right side
Various connectors
Reset - Function

Heating and ventilation
Heater with 3-speed fan
Auxiliary ventilation in cab roof

Rearview mirrors

Daily check
Cold weather operation

Starting and stopping the engine
Starting the engine
Tow Start
Stopping the engine
Parking and immobilizing the tractor

Operating the Vario transmission
Neutral selection
Selecting acceleration ramps
Selecting operating range
Operating the tractor
Quick Reverse
Memorizing maneuvering speeds
Cruise Control
Load limit control
Memorizing engine speeds
Operating examples
Towing instructions

Rear PTO
Engaging and disengaging PTO
Front PTO
Engaging and disengaging front PTO
Calibrating rear and front PTO

Four wheel drive (4-WD)

Differential lock


Automatic function power lift and PTO
Power lift Control transfer to joystick
PTO Control transfer to the joystick
Automatic PTO Control as function of power lift position

Foot brake
Parking brake
Trailer braking system
Engine brake

Adjusting steering wheel position

General notes on hydraulic operations
Spool Valves layout
Operating the spool valves
Priority function
Setting the valves
Hydraulic connectors
Available hydraulic oil volume

Electronic power lift control ( EPC ), rear
EPC safety lock
Side console functions
Working with the EPC 
Electronic slip control
Electro hydraulic External control
Electronic Powerlift Control / Double Action-Operation ( EPC/DA )
Implement socket

Three-point linkage
Lower links
Extendable struts
Mechanical side interlock
Top link

Front power lift optional
Lower links
Top link
Standard powerlift
Comfort version

Trailing hitches
Automatic coupling
Drawbar with piton-fix
Hitch trailer hitch

Additional ballasting
Rear ballast
Front ballast
Water ballasting of tyres

Track adjustment
Front track adjustment with fixed rims
Front track adjustment with adjustable rims
Rear track adjustment with fixed rims
Rear track adjustment with adjustable rims

Twin tyres
Conditions for use
Choice of twin tyres

On-board computer
Setting the clock
Calibrating speed display
Fault display
Selecting size of tyres
Backup display

Functions of the computer
Select main menu
Setting measurement direction
Manually triggered measuring
Operation 'Automatic' measurement and counting

Memorizing Settings
Parameters to be memorized
Memorizing titles and parameters
Selecting operating parameter sets

Implement control v
Selecting the control terminal
Downloading the Implement Software for implement control
Setting up the Vario Terminal for implement control
Activating the joystick for the implement control
Diagnostic function of the implement 



Opening the hood

Engine oil replacement
Draining engine oil
Replacing engine oil filter
Filling engine oil
Checking the engine oil level

Fuel system
Replacing fuel filter
Purging the fuel system

Air filter
Vacuum check
Replacing main cartridge Removal and Insertion
Cleaning main cartridge
Replacing safety cartridge
Dust drain valve

Cooling system
Cleaning the cooling system
Checking the coolant level
Replacing coolant
Flushing cooling/heating system

Power belt

Brake and clutch system

Front PTO

Transmission and final hubs
Replacing transmission oil
Checking the gear oil level
Changing the oil of the final drives

Front axle
Replacing oil of the front axle differential gear
Replacing the oil for front axle hub drives

Power lift

Checking the oil level of the hydraulic system
Replacing hydraulic oil
Hydraulic oil filter


Front wheels
Checking toe-in

Heating and ventilation
Removing the heating fan filter
Changing recirculating air filter
Replacing roof fan filter element
Replacing filter for circulating air

Windscreen washers

Cleaning the tractor

Electrical and electronic systems
Electric welding
Adjusting the headlights
Adjusting the auxiliary headlights
Additional installation of electrical and electronic equipment

Fuse holder X050
Fuse holder X051
Fuse holder (A013)

Circuit diagrams and connectors
Legend for electric diagrams
Colour identification for electric wires
Circuit diagrams


Front Loader
Removing front loader with front axle suspension
Removing front loader without front axle suspension
Fitting front loader with front axle suspension
​Fitting front loader without front axle suspension
Adjust lock so that there is no play
Tilt-away speed
Tilt angle mark
Automatic implement lockring
Third hydraulic circuit
Vibration damping
Operating with the forklift
Operation and maintenance instructions

Compressed air system

Air Conditioning



Hazard and fault messages
Hazard warnings
Fault messages
Cancelling warnings or fault message
General faults
Flame primer faults

Fault code tables

Emergency Mode


Technical data

Tyre pressures

Tyre combinations

Fluids and lubricants
​Favorit 711 - 716

Bio hydraulic oil

Lubrication chart
Filling points
Lubrication points