Fendt Farmer 310 LS - 310 LSA - 311 LS - 311 LSA Workshop Manual

Fendt Farmer 310 LS - 310 LSA - 311 LS - 311 LSA Workshop Manual
Fendt Farmer 310 LS - 310 LSA - 311 LS - 311 LSA Workshop Manual Fendt Farmer 310 LS - 310 LSA - 311 LS - 311 LSA Workshop Manual
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Workshop Manual 

Fendt Farmer 310 LS
Fendt Farmer 310 LSA
Fendt Farmer 311 LS
Fendt Farmer 311 LSA

1100 pages
Language: English / German / French / Italian

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Technical Data
Key to pictorial symbols
Fuels and lubricants
Lubricants, sealants and bonding agents

Engine, removal and assembly
Testing the glow-start unit

P.t.o. clutch, removal and assembly, setting, testing
  (without disconnecting tractor)
Separating tractor at engine/clutch housing joint
Turboclutch, removal and assembly
Driving clutch, removal and assembly
Repairing pressure plate of driving clutch
Clutch master and slave cylinders, removal and assembly
Driving clutch mechanism, removal and assembly
Testing, setting, bleeding driving clutch mechanism
Sealing drive shafts
Separating tractor at clutch housing/transmission joint
Sealing complete p.t.o. clutch
Gear shift
  30 km/h gear, removal and assembly
  dismantling and re-fitting
  40 km/h gear, removal and assembly
  dismantling and re-fitting
Lateral gear shift, dismantling and re-fitting
Locking 40 km/h and 30 km/h gears,
Transmission, dismantling and re-fitting
  Splitter gears, 25/30/40 km/h overdrive,
  dismantling and re-fitting
  Super-creep gear, dismantling and re-fitting
Separating tractor at transmission/rear axle housing joint
  Pinion shaft (spur bevel wheel set), measuring 
  Testing, assembly of synchro unit
Front wheel drive
  Changing the discs
  Dismantling and re-assembly, setting
  Measuring the forward and backward offset of the front wheel drive
Differential gearing, dismantling and assembly
Differential lock, setting
540/750/1000 p.t.o. switching
540/1000/650 left-hand p.t.o. switching
540/1000/wz and 540/750/wz p.t.o. switching
Final drive, fitting and removal, dismantling and assembly
Brake system
  Testing wear on rear solid disc brakes
  Rear solid disc brakes
  Hand brake (parking brake)
  Fixed caliper brake (drive shaft brake)
  Front drum brake
  Main brake cylinder, removal and fitting
  Setting hydraulically operated brakes
  Setting hand brake
  Operating cylinder, removal and fitting and sealing
  Brake mechanism, removal and fitting
  Bleeding brake system
  Testing main brake cylinder and extra valve for internal air-tightness
  Braking hydraulics - trouble-shooting table
  Braking hydraulics layout
Front p.t.o. removal and fitting, dismantling and assembly

Front Axle
Hub (wheel bearings), removal and fitting
Stub axle, removal and fitting
Front axle, complete, removal and fitting

Hydraulic geared pump, removal and fitting
Filter, removal and fitting
Hydraulic steering (Servostat) removal and fitting
Steering column, removal and fitting
Pressure relief valve, removal and fitting
Supply regulator valve, removal and fitting, dismantling/testing
Steering column, removal and fitting, dismantling and assembly
  Rear wheel drive tractors
  4-wheel drive tractors
Testing and setting toe-in
Setting steering lock
  Rear wheel/4-wheel drive models
Testing hydrostatic steering
  Setting the pressure
  Circulating pressure
  Testing steering for internal air-tightness
  Testing steering cylinder for internal air-tightness
Hydrostatic steering - trouble-shooting table

Digital indicators
  Position of inductive transmitters
  Testing digital indicators
  Trouble-shooting table
Electric circuit diagram - EHR controlled lifting gear,
  see Hydraulics

Hydraulic geared pump, removal and fitting
Hydraulic oil filter, removal and fitting
Control valve for EHR lifting gear, removal and fitting
Cleaning PRV 1 and PRV 2 in the EHR control vale
Solenoids of EHR control valve, removal and fitting
Lifting gear, removal and fitting, dismantling and assembly
Spool valve cylinder of lifting gear, removal and fitting
Extra spool valve controls, removal and fitting
3-way ball cocks, removal and fitting
  Setting selector switch
Depth sensor, removal and fitting, setting
Sensors, removal and fitting
Electronic control box, removal and fitting
Potentiometers, switches and components of control panel, removal, fitting, setting
Lifting gear, setting and testing without tester
Automatic oil flow back-up, testing, removal and fitting, making push-rod accessible
  Non-return valves
Pressure tests
  Testing control valve for functioning
Hydraulic cylinder for front lifting gear
  dismantling and assembly
Hydraulic circuit diagrams
Trouble-shooting table - lifting gear hydraulics, hydraulic part
Electric circuit diagrams - lifting gear EHR
Trouble-shooting tables - lifting gear, electrical and electronic part

Tilting / removing cab
Heater, removal and fitting

Compressor unit
Compressor, removal and fitting, sealing
Anti-freeze pump, removal and fitting, sealing
Setting, testing pressure regulator
Testing manometer on dashboard
Setting pressure relief valve for twin-line system
Setting trailer control valve for twin-line system
Setting trailer control valve for single-line system, sealing
3/2-way valve (trailer control valve), setting
Testing drainage valve
Testing compressor unit
Instructions for pumping up tyres
Functional layout
Trouble-shooting table

Air Conditioning
Position of components
Coolant circuit plan
Electrical circuit diagram
Evacuation, filling
  pressure testing
  testing for lack of air-tightness
Technical data
Trouble-shooting table

Special Tools